Straight From The Heart Ministries - "Standfast There in the Liberty Where Christ has Made Us Free"
Straight from the Heart provides thought provoking, soul stirring raw truth about our struggles, our relationships, recovery, events and our walk with Jesus Christ. 
We are a wonderful work in progress journeying to show how Jesus Christ delivered us and made us free!!!

What is Offered in the Raw Truth?
Abortion Recovery
Domestic/Sexual/Verbal Recovery
Life Recovery
Govern Biblical Teaching on Truth and Recovery
Spiritual Guidance and Counsel
Empowerment through the Word of God
Dedication of Time for Management and Restoration
What About the Restoration?
One Step at a Time, One Issue at a Time, One Hurt at a Time, One Emotion at a Time
Commitment and Marriage to the Truth
Being Persuaded - Have Our Minds made up – Being Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired!!!
Conquering the Battlefield in the Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit
Confidence and Courage
Being Still and Knowing that God IS – The I AM!!!
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